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Karen Read jury has not reached verdict. Tension, theories, mount.


Karen Read jury has not reached verdict. Tension, theories, mount.

To borrow from Jen McCabe, a celebrity witness in Karen Read’s trial, hos [sic] long until this trial is over?

Or maybe it will never be over, and day after day the jurors will emerge from their deliberations, begging the judge to declare them hung, but she’ll send them back and back and back, until life support needs to be rushed in, and outside the courtroom, this generation of Karen Read supporters, with their lawn chairs and red Solo cup earrings, will eventually ascend to the giant pink buffer zone in the sky, and few alive will remember quite who Karen Read was, or why she needed to be freed, or even that the story was sad. But our descendants will be proud that something important happened at the Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, and only Turtleboy will remain to tell the story.

Oh, how naive we were this past Friday morning, when we thought our long Canton nightmare was coming to an end. Karen Read Twitter all but assured us that a verdict was imminent. A female juror who usually wore sneakers or flats was wearing dress shoes, as one does when one is poised to deliver justice. And someone cited a Court TV statistic saying that 70 percent of verdicts it has covered come down on Fridays.

But here we are now without a verdict as June draws to a close, forced to keep fighting with friends and family over what a stranger did or didn’t do on a drunken winter night more than two years ago.

To try and remember who’s who in this interconnected web of people, all of whom seem to be named Brian or McCabe or Albert, or who maybe went to high school with them, or just act like they did.

To decide, for ourselves, which experts, with their conflicting testimony about dog bites and Google search time stamps, to believe.

Hos much longer can we go on like this?

Such was the expectation for a verdict on Friday that midmorning, at a nail salon in Brookline, when footage of a courthouse suddenly appeared on the wall-mounted TV, a pedicurist stopped digging into her client’s toes and whipped around to watch. Alas, it turned out to be a nothing burger — just the Supreme Court handing down a decision overturning a foundational part of American law — and so she got back to work.

“It’s not it,” she said, disappointed, even though she hadn’t been following the trial herself, but rather had picked it up secondhand from the people attached to the feet she grooms.

Then, around noon, stomachs started to tighten. The jury had sent the judge a note. They were unable to reach a unanimous decision. But she wouldn’t free them. You listened to so many hours of testimony, she said, and the issues were so complex, so of course it takes time. Keep going.

And in Canton and Dedham and Boston, and in video feeds and group chats and conversations around the world, people wondered: Had someone gotten to a juror? Was the whole trial rigged? How had deliberations even gone on this long anyway!!!

How could the jurors, with their front-row seats, not see what was obvious to everyone watching the video feed — that an angry Read had drunkenly backed into her boyfriend with her Lexus on a January night in 2022 and left him for dead on a lawn at 34 Fairview Road in Canton as a snowstorm was falling??? Or that the cabal of well-connected, reality-TV-ready cops, and their partying pals inside 34 Fairview, had killed Boston police Officer John O’Keefe and framed Read for his murder???

And so once again the public had to wait. People passed the afternoon by griping about “Aunt Bev,” as trial watchers have come to call the jurist presiding over the case, Beverly Cannone. Or by making jokes about the courtroom ceiling fan, which has become famous because it’s shown on the video feed when there is no action. “free karen & the fan!!!” one commenter wrote. “The fan is hung,” said another.

And then, several tense hours later, the afternoon had finally elapsed, and hopes were rising for a 4:15 verdict, but NO! The jury had nothing for its hostages. Relief would not come until Monday, at the earliest.

If the city lives that long.

Beth Teitell can be reached at [email protected]. Follow her @bethteitell.

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