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K-netizens wonder how the ILLIT members feel being labeled as a “copycat group”

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K-netizens wonder how the ILLIT members feel being labeled as a “copycat group”

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ILLIT has been at the center of the ongoing feud between ADOR and HYBE as they have been accused of copying NewJeans.

Recently, Korean netizens have directed their attention to how the young members feel about being embroiled in the latest mess within HYBE and also about being called a “copycat group.”

This discussion began when one netizen wrote in the popular online community Nate Pann and wondered whether ILLIT members were fully aware of the situation. The netizen stated, “What do you mean ILLIT members don’t know anything? lol,”�and continued to cite the ILLIT member’s latest interview.

In an interview on the ‘Cult Two’ show, the members spoke up about their recent success with ‘Magnetic’ and Yunah shared, “I want to express my gratitude to the company staff. To all the members of our team at Belift Lab, we all know how much effort went into our debut album. We’re really proud. Even if we don’t express our gratitude often, I think you all know our hearts.”

The netizen claimed that ILLIT had shared this after Min Hee Jinreleased her statement on April 24 and accused that ILLIT members were well aware of the situation between ADOR and that they were being called copycats.

Other Korean netizens commented:
I mean they should express their gratitude. What else would they say?”

“I think their company needs to take the blame, not the girls.”
“It’s true that they did copy but I think this was a statement with affection for the team. But to the ILLIT members, you need to compare yourselves and see for yourself. When your contracts end, you guys should find your own paths and leave.”

“They’re underaged and rookies. What do they know?”

“They might not know anything, but not knowing is still a problem. In a way, presenting a project to the public as a representative means you should know certain things, right? Even if idols don’t need to know everything, if they just dance and sing without knowing where their choreography came from, or what motivated the concept they’re presenting, then what’s the difference between them and dolls? So, unless they’re going to explain everything from A to Z like Min Hee Jin does, they should raise the debut age range, seriously…”

“I feel bad for them and wish them success.”

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