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K-netizens react to footage of Jung Joon Young approaching women in France


K-netizens react to footage of Jung Joon Young approaching women in France

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Jung Joon Young, recently released after serving a prison sentence for sexual offenses, has allegedly been spotted in Lyon, France. On July 8, a netizen shared a photo online revealing his current appearance.

In the photo, Jung Joon Young is seen with long hair and facial hair, even smiling. The netizen who posted the photo mentioned, “He was at a bar trying to flirt with women, asking for their Instagram accounts and saying he plans to open a Korean restaurant in Lyon. He introduced himself as June, claiming to be a famous singer from Korea.”

Following this initial report, videos emerged showing Jung Joon Young getting intimate and close with women at the club.

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young previously attempted to open a restaurant in Paris in 2018, but the plan fell through amid the Burning Sun scandal. Following his prison release, there were reports and rumors that Jung Joon Young was planning to emigrate to another country.

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Korean netizens were baffled after seeing Jung Joon Young’s whereabouts and current actions in France. Many pointed out that people can’t change old habits. They commented

Wow… that’s an illness…”

“I think his prison sentence was too light for what he did.”

“I’m not even surprised. Can’t teach old dogs new tricks.”

“This is giving me goosebumps.”

“Why doesn’t he get that ankle bracelet tracker?”

“What’s up with a sex offender running away to another country right after being released, lying about being from Boston at a club, and then getting caught and people saying they’re disappointed? LOL. If you wanted to make friends, you should have honestly said ‘from jail’ instead of ‘from Boston’.”

“June from Boston. LOL.”

“You can’t fix old habits.”

“He can’t be fixed. I’m more surprised there are still women who are attracted to him.”

“This shows you can’t fix people.”

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