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John Oliver Reveals Why You Ought to By no means, Ever Discuss To The Cops With out A Lawyer


John Oliver Reveals Why You Ought to By no means, Ever Discuss To The Cops With out A Lawyer

John Oliver mentioned there’s a whole business on this planet of policing that claims to have the ability to spot liars and may prepare cops to identify liars.

“But it surely’s all bullshit,” he mentioned on Sunday evening’s “Final Week Tonight” on HBO.

Police will typically work relentlessly to get a confession. Many use an interrogation methodology generally known as the Reid technique, which was designed within the Nineteen Fifties by former Chicago police officer John E. Reid.

“The Reid approach’s develop into a kind of issues that simply culturally comes with being a cop, y’know like their fondness for donuts,” Oliver mentioned. “Or their complicity within the perpetuation of state-sponsored violence.”

However the Reid approach is stuffed with inconsistencies. Oliver famous that it claims somebody being dishonest might keep away from direct eye contact, but in addition that somebody who’s mendacity would possibly “overcompensate” by staring.

“Which means, when you’ve got eyes, you’re mainly fucked,” Oliver mentioned.

What these strategies do, nevertheless, is put on down suspects, particularly after prolonged and relentless questioning. One research discovered false confessions occurred after a median interrogation time of greater than 16 hours.

“Which may be completely exhausting,” Oliver mentioned. “Harmless individuals can wind up confessing simply to flee the stress of that state of affairs.”

Some supply false confessions in hopes that they’ll later recant and that they’ll be cleared when extra proof emerges. However as Oliver identified, it may be troublesome to recant as a result of when the police have a confession in hand, they typically cease investigating.

Why even speak in any respect? Many don’t know higher. In line with Oliver, 80 p.c of suspects waive their Miranda rights, many considering they don’t want a lawyer and don’t have anything to cover.

“However not having a lawyer makes you’re extremely weak,” Oliver mentioned. “As a result of for one factor, a lawyer would possibly clue you in to a completely insane energy that police in America have been given by the Supreme Court docket.”

That energy? They will lie as they interrogate you.

Oliver even had footage of a cop mendacity to a suspect by saying he can’t lie in regards to the proof as he offered supposed proof that he was mendacity about.

Oliver concluded with an all-too-honest skit about what a police interrogation would possibly actually seem like:

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