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Jesse Marsch Steals the Show at Copa América with CANMNT and Exposes Berhalter


Jesse Marsch Steals the Show at Copa América with CANMNT and Exposes Berhalter

Jesse Marsch has been putting on a real show with the Canadian national team at the Copa América, and it’s not going unnoticed. With a squad filled with Major League Soccer (MLS) players, he’s managed to lead Canada to the semi-finals of the tournament, something few expected. And it’s impossible not to compare this success with the lukewarm performance of the USMNT under Gregg Berhalter’s command.

The irony couldn’t be more striking. Marsch, with players from MLS, is showing the world how to get the best out of these athletes. And let’s not forget, Canada wasn’t even considered one of the favorites. But with an efficient strategy and engaging soccer, he achieved what many thought impossible: eliminating strong teams and advancing to face Argentina, the current World Cup champions, in the Copa América semi-finals. Who would have thought that Concacaf would have such a solid representative in Copa América?

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Meanwhile, Berhalter and the USMNT are struggling to find their rhythm. Expectations were high, but the results disappointing. The burning question is: was it a colossal mistake to rehire Berhalter? I believe so. After all, while Marsch performs miracles with Canada, the USA is adrift, trying to justify underwhelming performances with various players playing in European teams.

Marsch’s success also brings to light an interesting discussion about the quality of MLS. Both Venezuela and Canada have been making great use of talents from MLS, proving there’s indeed a huge potential to be tapped into. Marsch, with his innovative and motivating approach, has turned ordinary players into real warriors on the field. And that’s no small feat.

Berhalter seems stuck in an outdated approach, unable to get the best out of his players. With each game, frustration grows. And as American fans watch Canada advance, the feeling that they could be in a similar position with different leadership grows stronger. Marsch rises with every Canadian victory, leaving Berhalter in an increasingly uncomfortable position.

Gregg Berhalter

And if Gregg Berhalter were to be fired, where could he find refuge? The MLS, with several coaching vacancies, could be an option. Teams like Atlanta, Dallas, San Jose, St. Louis, and possibly Austin might be eyeing him. But is he really the best choice? The legacy of his decisions with the US national team will certainly weigh in future negotiations.

The Canadian success also provokes a deep reflection on the choices made by US Soccer. Would a coach like Marsch have achieved better results with the current USMNT roster? The Copa América has brought this question to the forefront in a compelling way. Canada, a team that previously struggled to qualify, is now one step away from playing in the final, on American soil. The irony is palpable, and comparisons with the USA’s journey are inevitable.

Frustration with Berhalter turns into fervent support for Canada. The logic is simple: the better Canada does, the worse Berhalter will look. And this is a reality hard to ignore.

Jesse Marsch has secured more significant victories with Canada in a few games than Berhalter with the USMNT in several competitions. This speaks volumes about a coach’s ability to make a difference. Marsch has brought new hope to the Canadians, something Berhalter hasn’t been able to replicate for the Americans. And this undoubtedly puts US Soccer in a tricky position.

In my opinion, the decision to rehire Berhalter was a fatal error. The Copa América brutally exposed the limitations of this choice.

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