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JENNIE shows how much she treasures BLACKPINK with recent activity on her Instagram


JENNIE shows how much she treasures BLACKPINK with recent activity on her Instagram

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Recently, YG Entertainment unveiled a new line of merchandise for BLACKPINK, created in collaboration with renowned artist Takashi Murakami. Among the items, a special edition lightstick has particularly captivated fans, receiving enthusiastic endorsements from the group members themselves.

Highlighting this frenzy, Jennie took to her Instagram story to showcase not just the “flower lightstick” but also a soft pillow from the collection. Her post did more than just promote the merchandise; it resonated with fans for a touching reason.

Alongside the merchandise, Jennie strategically placed the flower pillow against the backdrop of the giant ODDATELIER logo. The contrast highlighted the black rose’s details, standing out against the aesthetically pleasing background. This subtle integration of her own company’s emblem with BLACKPINK’s iconic imagery underscores Jennie’s deep affection for the group, warming the hearts of fans worldwide.

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Jennie’s gesture subtly asserts that “BLACKPINK will always be in her heart.” While developing their individual careers, the four members always strive to keep BLACKPINK’s name and reputation high.

The group’s sincere bond always earns admiration from the public. Although there is no comeback news yet, according to Korean media, BLACKPINK will arrange their schedule to make a comeback by the end of the year.

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