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ING: confidence among Dutch retail investors is increasing

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ING: confidence among Dutch retail investors is increasing

The confidence among Dutch retail investors has increased this month, reported ING in its Investor Barometer. According to the bank, investors have gained confidence in the economy, their own financial situation and the value of their own investment portfolio.

The indicator rose to a level of 98, up 13 points from December and the highest level since February of last year. Investors expect the Amsterdam AEX index to rise in the first quarter of this year. This expectation was also present last month.

“The investors surveyed were correct in their expectation of a rising stock market. For European equities, it’s the strongest annual opening in decades,” Bob Homan, head of ING’s investment office, said in a statement. Stock markets were rising as fears of a deep recession due to central bank rate hikes have eased.

According to the ING survey, Dutch chipmaker ASML is once again the AEX company investors expect to see the most opportunities over the next three months. It is followed by oil and gas company Shell and food producer Unilever.

ING went on to say that investors remained concerned about the war in Ukraine. “While things like inflation and recession probably have more impact on stock prices in the shorter term, the outcome of the war in Ukraine is more crucial in the longer term,” Homan explained.

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