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If Fani Willis Not Removed From Case Then I Have Lost Hope – HotAir


If Fani Willis Not Removed From Case Then I Have Lost Hope – HotAir

First things first, as Ed wrote earlier, at least SOME of the truth is out about Fani Willis’ affair with the special prosecutor she personally hired to prosecute Donald Trump.

The near insanity of the case doesn’t need to be rehashed. The obvious political motivation behind the case–Willis literally ran for office promising to put Donald Trump in jail before there even was a hint of a case for which to prosecute him. Willis has even been removed from another case due to her political conflicts of interest.

And, of course, the clear violation of legal ethics and likely violation of Georgia law in which she engaged is now established by her own admission.

If there ever was a clear case to be made for disqualifying a prosecutor from pursuing a case, this one fits the bill.

Yet there is more than enough reason to believe that Willis and Wade will remain on the case. Even excepting the admission of an affair–which Willis insists has had no bearing on the case–there has been enough reason to kick her off the case. The political motivation should have been enough.

So, is it more likely than not that the judge boots her and Wade? I haven’t a clue because our system of justice is so obviously politicized that simple issues such as liberals breaking the law and clearly established legal ethics don’t seem to matter anymore. The legal process in New York is so obviously political and immoral that everybody with a brain knows the trials there depend entirely on being held in jurisdictions where Trump is reviled.

In a world where Hunter Biden is offered what amounted to a plenary pardon by a prosecutor, only to have a judge look at it and balk at the outrageousness of it, we can count on nothing to be fairly done anymore.

If I had to guess, I would assume she would be booted, but that judgment is based on an assumption for which their is precious little evidence: truth and fairness still matter.

There is plenty of evidence to the contrary: the FBI spent years covering up for Hunter Biden. Recently FOIA’d documents show they had established that the Hunter Biden laptop was genuine back in 2019. The Biden prosecutor let the most serious tax charges lapse, and there must be 100 felonies photographed on that laptop for which Biden is not being prosecuted. Leftists who burned down cities are walking the streets and even getting payments from cities in apology for police trying to prevent the looting of our downtowns.

So, let’s just say my trust in the Justice system’s impartiality is low.

We keep hearing nostrums about “defending democracy” from the Left, but in reality, they have been systematically burning down our Republic, both literally and figuratively. As many gripes I have about Trump and his supporters, they are indisputably correct in their assertion that the system has been rigged.

Will the rigging continue in Georgia, even when it is obvious to everybody that Willis is a corrupt prosecutor?

I don’t know, but I care quite a bit.

If Willis is allowed to remain on the case, it will be a signal that our Republic is doomed. Even if and when any conviction of Trump is overturned, the damage will have been done because the primary goal of the prosecution will have been achieved: draining Trump’s resources, tying him up in court, and perhaps costing him the election.


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