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Ian Machado Garry vs. Michael Page full fight video highlights


Ian Machado Garry vs. Michael Page full fight video highlights

Watch Ian Machado Garry vs. Michael “Venom” Page full fight video highlights from their UFC 303 clash Saturday night, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Pereira vs. Prochazka took place June 29 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. Ian Machado Garry (15-0) and Michael Page (22-3) squared off to kick off the UFC 303 main card. The fight aired live on pay-per-view on ESPN+.

Catch all the video highlights below.

For more on Garry vs. Page, check out our live blog below.

Round 1

Both men out in orthodox and MVP darts across the cage to start. MVP switching stances and Garry backed up against the fence, waiting.

MVP feinting early. Garry waiting to counter. He’s clearly trying to catch a counter when MVP leaps in. Both men exchange high kicks at range that come up short.

MVP lands a right hand in a brief exchange but not much. A moment later and MVP kicks but Garry catches it and takes MVP down. He’s against the fence and trying to stand but Garry is in top half and trying to keep this fight here. Garry holding him down for now and he might slide to the rear waistlock as MVP stands.

MVP on a knee with Garry holding one hook in. Now he’ trying to drag MVP down and he does and he’s got hooks! Garry switches to the body triangle and he’s attacking a choke!!

Over two minutes and MVP is in deep trouble!!!!! Garry is under the chin but MVP is fighting!! MVP trying to tough it out!!! HOW IS GARRY NOT FINISHING THIS?!?!?! IT WAS FULL UNDER THE CHIN AND MVP JUST GRITTED IT OUT.

Garry still has the back but he had to quit on the choke. MVP looking calm, controlling a hand. Garry with some short punches from the backpack. MVP trying to turn into the triangle, but it’s not working. 40 seconds.

And we’re just riding the round out from both men on this one. Short punches from Garry until the horn sounds.

MMA Fighting scores 10-8 Garry.

Round 2

MVP right back out across the cage and lands a HUGE right hand on Garry right out of the gate! Garry eats it well though and MVP misses another leaping shot a moment later.

Garry backing up, waiting. He’s clearly looking for specific windows. But he eats a right hand from MVP of a feint, jab, looping right hand. MVP tries again but just misses that one.

Garry goes for a high kick. MVP bouncing in his style and Garry lands a counter left as MVP gets too ambitious. MVP charges in and Garry ducks under and gets a body lock, taking MVP to the fence with 3 minutes to go.

Garry holding this position. Tries a pivot sweep but MVP showing good balance. He’s holding this position strong right now and lands some small knees in here. MVP can’t break the clinch. Garry tries to loop a leg for a trip but no joy. Mark Smith warns Garry for more action but Garry can’t get anything going.

So instead he drops down to attack a leg lock! He doesn’t get it but he’s still grapevining the leg while MVP stands over him. MVP tries a punch and trip from Garry. He’s still working on the leg but MVP clear and gets up.

Good combination from MVP with a minute left. Garry still waiting. MVP feinting. MVP tries for a flying knee that misses then both land left hands. And a HUGE right hand for MVP that Garry rolls.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Page, 19-18 Garry overall.

Round 3

This fight could be 1-1 so all to play for here and Garry taking the center this round. Lands s good leg kick. MVP feinting. He does that a lot. Garry goes for a body kick that gest blocked. MVP backing Garry up onw but not firing.

Now he tries and Garry immediately ducks under for a bodylock but he falls back and now MVP is on top! MVP is in Garry’s guard and Garry locks up a body triangle from the bottom.

MVP with small punches here. Garry trying for some elbows here. 3 minutes left and Garry is not exactly fighting smart right now.

MVP staying chest to chest and then stands up. And goes for a head kick as Garry stands with 2:30 to go.

Garry backing MVP up now. MVP lands a jab. MVP shoots and Garryducks under for a good takedown. MVP stands up without caution and Garry has the back! Two hooks in but MVP is on his feet trying to shuck. This could be the fight right now.

Garry attacking the choke but doesn’t seem like it’s there. The backpack is established now though as MVP tries to shake him over the top. 60 seconds.

Garry still holding position, he’s lost a hook and MVP trying to toss him off. He’s landing some punches here but he’s just trying to hold on to eke out a win.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Garry, 29-27 Garry overall.

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