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Hwang Jung Eum sheds tears as the audience root for her on ‘SNL Korea’

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Hwang Jung Eum sheds tears as the audience root for her on ‘SNL Korea’

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Actress Hwang Jung Eum recently touched the hearts of viewers during her appearance on ‘SNLKorea,’ as she was moved to tears by the overwhelming support from the audience.

On the March 30th episode of ‘SNL Korea,’ Hwang Jung Eum appeared in the show as a host. Shin Dong Yupcommented at the beginning of the show, “We all know how she has great taste in choosing projects. ‘Kill Me, Heal Me,’ ‘Secret Love,’ and more, every project you did was a hit.”

Hwang Jung Eum then replied, “Not every single one of them took off but I think you just loved projects that I starred in. I guess I do have good taste in choosing projects, but not in choosing men.”�Shin Dong Yup said, “She’s so candid and cool. We should start the show, are you ready?”Then Hwang Jung Eum had everyone burst out laughing by saying, “Yes, ready for divorce!”

After successfully hosting the episode, however, Hwang Jung Eum shed tears while delivering her ending remark as the audience cheered her on. She said, “It was my first time hosting such a show so I was very nervous. But thanks to your support and crew’s support, I think I was able to work up my courage. Thank you.”    �

Meanwhile, she recently filed for divorce against her husband for the second time after 8 years of marriage. Hwang Jung Eum married businessman and former professional golfer Lee Young Don in 2016, and they welcomed their first son in August 2017. She then filed for divorce in September of 2020, but the couple reunited in July of 2021 and then welcomed their second son in 2022. From her Instagram posts and comments, many speculate that Lee Young Don was caught cheating again.�

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