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How Does RHONJ's John Fuda Make His Money?


How Does RHONJ's John Fuda Make His Money?

The past and present income of RHONJ star John Fuda is the subject of a lot of speculation lately. On the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 premiere, Teresa Giudice confronted his wife, Rachel Fuda, at a party she held for Jennifer Fessler. Repeating rumors she heard from his ex Brittany Malsch, Tre alleged that John was “the biggest drug dealer in Bergen County”. Naturally, John dramatically denied this.

Teresa isn’t the biggest fan of John or Rachel, especially because they came for her husband, Luis Ruelas. And the feeling is mutual. At the Season 13 reunion, John brought up that Luis hired a private investigator, the notorious Bo Dietl, to dig up dirt on his past. It also doesn’t help that the Fudas are close friends with the Gorgas.

Regardless of whether or not they believe Teresa’s accusations, the rumors do make viewers wonder about John and Rachel’s finances. Since the Fudas just joined the show in Season 13, Bravo fans don’t know them as well as longtime Real Housewives like Tre. Adding to the questions and speculation is that John, like many of Jersey’s Househusbands, is such a big fixture on the show. Here’s everything we know so far about how John earns a living.

What does John Fuda do for a living?

John’s employment history can be found on his LinkedIn profile. According to the site, John’s worked as a manager at Fuda Tile and Marble since 2000. The tile company is John’s family business, and it was first established way back in 1948.

In addition to the 24 years at his family business, John also owns his own company. He’s the President and CEO of Valet King, a business he started in 2013. According to the Valet King website, the company provides business and residential buildings with valet and parking services, including door attendants, concierge staff, car washing, etc. These services are typically offered to car dealerships, hotels, parking garages, and casinos.

In Rachel’s RHONJ cast bio, this company was referred to as “fast-growing”. Over the years, this business has expanded beyond New Jersey. At this time, they also service New York, Philadelphia, and Miami, Florida.

Rachel and John work side by side at both of his Ramsey-based companies. At one point, they had a restaurant called Burger Boss, with menu items inspired by the Fudas’ love of mafia movies. As viewers will recall, Rachel’s RHONJ Season 13 tagline was, “I’m too busy running a business to care about yours”.

What is John Fuda’s reported net worth?

John’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Entrader estimates that he’s worth about $2.5 million. But The Cinemaholic estimated that he could be worth as much as $5.5 million.

When Rachel first joined the show, Life & Style reported that her estimated net worth was $400k. While we don’t know her exact RHONJ salary, it’s safe to assume she’s not making as much in her sophomore season as OG Teresa’s salary or the other longtime Jersey Housewives.

What about John’s past employment?

In an early episode of Season 13, Rachel shared how she first met John. Then at 22 years old, she was working as a bartender in Totowa. John was 24, and already making business moves. At the time, he told her that he just sold a pizzeria that he owned. “He was trying to be, like, a hotshot,” Rachel recalled.

In Season 13, Rachel called her husband a “superstar”. Rachel also claimed that John used to model. On the show, he returned to modeling for Dolores Catania’s charity calendar. And he apparently appeared on an episode of Law & Order. However, this credit doesn’t appear on John’s IMDb page.

What has John said in response to the rumors about his past?

Back in May, when RHONJ Season 14 first began, John took to social media to address the speculation about his past. In his Instagram statement responding to the allegations, John repeatedly referred to himself as a “respected” and “esteemed” “entrepreneur and philanthropist”. He also claimed to dedicate himself to “numerous charitable causes and business endeavors”. And he said to contact the Fudas for media inquiries, instead of a professional publicist. Maybe PR is the latest Fuda business endeavor?

John responded to another drug-related accusation last year. He admitted to an arrest for operating a vehicle with possession of a narcotic. He told Page Six, “I was never convicted and the charges were dismissed”.

John’s statement is the type of thing that would naturally come up at a reunion. However, RHONJ Season 14 won’t have a typical reunion. The news has fans speculating about a potential cast overhaul. If that happens, we’ll have to see if the Fudas make the cut.


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