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Here’s why narcissists are happier in their lives than psychopaths

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Here’s why narcissists are happier in their lives than psychopaths

A new study has claimed that a high level of narcissism is directly associated with a high level of happiness in individuals. Published in the latest issue of Personality and Individual Differences, the study aimed at exploring any link between happiness and the Dark Triad of personalities.

Dark Triad of personalities

As per the study, the dark triad consists of three personalities: Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy.�

Narcissism is associated with having a sense of entitlement and superiority over others.

Machiavellianism is linked with being calculating, cold, and cynical.

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Psychopathy is identified as being fearless and ruthless. The study concludes that of these three, the narcissists exhibited signs of the most happiness.


To conduct the study, the authors carried out a Meta-analysis of the link between happiness and dark triad. With a median sample size of 432, including diverse groups such as college students and older participants, several assessment tools were employed.�

This analysis found that “higher levels of narcissism were significantly associated with higher happiness, whereas higher levels of psychopathy were significantly associated with lower happiness”. “However, Machiavellianism was not significantly related to happiness,” according to the research.

Why narcissists are happy?

Here are possible explanations as to why narcissists seem to be happier in their lives.

  1. Narcissists tend to be more social, as they seek attention and look to express superiority over others. They are talkative as well as energetic, some traits that may lead to positive emotions and happiness.

  2. Narcissists always believe they are better than other people, in domains such as attractiveness, intelligence, and success. This sense of entitlement makes them happier

  3. On the other hand, psychopaths are less social beings and thus are more likely to fall prey to depression and negative emotions. This results in lower happiness.

The study makes it clear: Narcissists are happier people. However, more research is needed to better explore this relationship and the reasons behind it.

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