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Heat advisory issued for New England, expect hot, humid weather


Heat advisory issued for New England, expect hot, humid weather

Some areas of Southern New England could be looking at a heat wave since it did reach 90 degrees in places like Norwood and Lawrence on Sunday and I am forecasting at least two more days of 90-degree weather.

Forecast high temperatures for Monday.Boston Globe
Dew points will continue higher than average with oppressive humidity into Tuesday.Boston Globe

A heat advisory is in effect from noon, Monday until 8 p.m., Tuesday for parts of central and southeastern Massachusetts and certain Boston suburbs; Providence and the rest of northern Rhode Island; and the entire state of Connecticut. The heat index is expected to reach up to 97 degrees.

These types of scorching temperatures combined with the high humidity can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The National Weather Service is advising people to “drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned room, stay out of the sun, and check up on relatives and neighbors.”

Heat advisories are posted for many inland areas through Tuesday.NOAA

There is little to no chance of precipitation at the beginning of the week as the deep layer of warm air over us tends to prevent any shower activity from forming. This lack of rainfall will mean some good beach weather and it will be less hot at the shoreline, although still very humid. As I’ve mentioned many times before, summers are now more humid than they were midway through the 20th century before climate change had the impact it does now.

The National Weather Service HeatRisk for Monday. This new tool shows the potential risk of heat impact on your health over a 24-hour period. Red colors denote major impacts while purple indicates the highest, extreme impacts.NWS

Later in the week a frontal system will move into the region increasing the clouds, lowering the temperature and bringing back the chance for showers. Depending on the track of the remnants of now Tropical Storm Beryl, we could see some additional showers and downpours. However, if the remnants stay far to the west heading up to the Ohio Valley, the impact here in New England will be minimal if any.

The remnants of the tropical system known as Beryl will move showers and storms north later this week, but their impacts, if any, are still questionable.Tropical Tidbits

For those of you continuing vacation this week, the tides will be high during the second half of the afternoon and water temperatures are continuing to warm. Many of the coves are now getting into the lower 70s and lake temperatures are varying but certainly continuing to warm to comfortable swimming levels.

The second half of Wednesday and Thursday brings more cloudiness and a better chance for showers. With the clouds, it is unlikely to reach 90, especially Thursday.

Monday’s breakdown

Southern New England: A three- or four-day heat wave will likely be in the record books by the time we get to Wednesday. The exceptions are going to be the coastline where temperatures should remain under 90 degrees. We’ll feel lots of humidity.

Cape and Islands: Some patchy fog will start each morning the next few days with at least partly sunny skies developing thereafter and temperatures getting into the low- to mid-80s. It’s great vacation weather.

Western Mass.: Temperatures will be well into the 80s with plenty of humidity the next several days and lots of sunshine. Showers will likely arrive mid to late week.

Northern New England: There’s no chance of any precipitation today and temperatures will be in the 80s with some 90s over inland southern Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Coastal Maine will be in the 70s and lower 80s with a sea breeze.

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