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Hague alderman in corruption case will appeal his conviction


Hague alderman in corruption case will appeal his conviction

The criminal case against Hague alderman Richard de Mos has been concluded. The public prosecutor’s office will not lodge an appeal in cassation, meaning that the verdict of the Hague Court of Appeal is final. The court largely acquitted De Mos, who only received a suspended fine of 2,000 euros for passing on confidential information. The public prosecutor’s office had suspected the Hart voor Den Haag party leader of corruption and bribery. Fellow politician Rachid Guernaoui, however, will appeal his conviction.

A six-month suspended prison sentence, 240 hours of community service, a fine of 10,000 euros, and a four-year ban from holding office were demanded against 48-year-old De Mos. He was charged with corruption, bribery, and breach of official secrecy. “The public prosecutor’s office has carefully examined the verdicts and sees no grounds for an appeal in cassation,” the public prosecutor’s office announced on Friday. “Despite the acquittals in this case, the public prosecutor’s office is satisfied with some important parts of the verdicts.” The fact that the sentences imposed by the court are below the demand is not a reason for the public prosecutor’s office to appeal in cassation.

Six other men, a fellow politician and five entrepreneurs, were on trial with De Mos. They were all acquitted except for party member Rachid Guernaoui. He was found guilty of breaching his official secrecy but not punished for it. Omroep West reported on Friday that Guernaoui will appeal, as he believes that the court’s ruling is unfair. Therefore, he appealed to the Supreme Court, and his case was not yet concluded.

“What am I getting myself into? I also asked myself whether I wanted to continue with this because I had not been punished. But I think the verdict is incorrect, and I will not accept that. I will not accept that. I want the Supreme Court to make a ruling on this. And if the Supreme Court follows the court of appeal, then, of course, I will accept that. But I am convinced I will win this,” he told the broadcaster.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, De Mos and Guernaoui were guilty of corruption by accepting gifts from entrepreneurs. These included donations to the party, boat trips, and dinners.

The Rotterdam court also acquitted De Mos’ co-defendants. Only one suspect received a suspended sentence for possession of weapons.

Almost five years ago, the police raided the offices of then aldermen De Mos and Guernaoui who have always denied all accusations.

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