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'Golden Bachelor' Stars Gerry Turner, Wife Theresa Nist Living Separately


'Golden Bachelor' Stars Gerry Turner, Wife Theresa Nist Living Separately




But Still Head Over Heels!!!

Gerry Turner and his wife Theresa Nist are currently living in separate states — but despite the distance, the sun isn’t setting on their relationship … in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Sources close to the ‘Golden Bachelor’ stars tell TMZ the couple — who married in a ‘Golden Wedding’ special on Jan. 4 — are doing the long-distance thing, with Gerry chilling at his Northern Indiana lake house while Theresa’s over in New Jersey.

We’re told there are a few reasons why they haven’t taken the leap to live together just yet … and a lot of it has to do with the fact that moving is a complete and total hassle.

For starters … we’re told they’ve each got their own established homes in their respective states, and moving everything into one pad would be time-consuming.

Not just that … but Theresa’s still working in NJ and has yet to decide what she’s going to do about her job as a compliance officer. Also, Gerry and Theresa are super close to their own families, and our sources say moving away from either would be difficult for them.

Another key factor … they’re still mulling over where to plant their love nest, but we’re told they’re eyeing Charleston, SC as a good middle ground, especially with Theresa’s son and grandchildren in that area. That said, they’re still undecided.

While it might sound like they’re not on the same page here, our sources insist they’re still madly in love and want to make the marriage work.

In fact, we’re told this current long-distance arrangement works for them. They have seen each other several times … and they make it a priority to make visits. He’s been to Jersey a few times, and Theresa’s planning to go to Indiana next month.

At some point, we’re told, they’re going to get this figured out.

Gerry popped the question to Theresa during the finale of “The Golden Bachelor” last year. It’s been a while since that happened, though … and even now, they’re technically apart.

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