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General Hospital Spoilers May 27 – 31


General Hospital Spoilers May 27 – 31 has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers from Monday, May 27, to Friday, May 31. Dex could soon find himself in even hotter water, while Sonny’s children take a meeting. Elsewhere, Jason doesn’t score many points with his longtime BFF, Sam cooks up a plan, and Laura gets bad news. Read on for that and more…

General Hospital spoilers week of May 27:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, May 27:

The ABC soap will air an encore of the October 5, 2023 episode. Read our recap for a refresher.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday May 28:

Sam is determined to help get Jason out of trouble, if only for the sake of her son. But when she lays out her plan, will it prove feasible?

Maxie gives Spinelli a bit of encouragement. But is that in the professional or personal department? (Might we finally be getting the Spixie reunion we’ve wanted for ages?)

Just because Alexis is about to get answers doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be the ones she wants.

Something tells us that when Jason and Anna exchange info, it’s not things like phone numbers and where to find one another on social media!

Carly swings by to visit Brennan. (Hope she brings him one of those burgers he’s come to love so much!)

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, May 29:

Elizabeth can’t help but suspect things aren’t quite right.

Read our thoughts on Gregory’s tear-jerking death, and our fears for Finn and Elizabeth.

Ava and Nina’s friendship suffers yet another blow when the gallery owner calls out the publisher.

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Josslyn and Trina present a united front as they make a move.

The honeymoon ain’t over yet for Brook Lynn and Chase, as she makes her love for him clearer than ever.

Anyone who has ever dealt with Alexis knows that this isn’t really all that unusual, but trust us when we say she’s about to get the last word.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, May 30:

Nothing good can come of Sonny seeking out Dex, but that’s what’s about to happen!

Dante and Kristina have both had their issues which arose from being Sonny’s offspring, so they’ll have a lot to discuss today. Meanwhile, Molly can’t help but feel frustrated.

It’s time to clear the air as Michael and Drew clear the air with one another.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, May 31:

Curtis and Portia take on a new mission which we can only hope will bring them even closer!

Laura is not thrilled by the news she receives.

Jason makes a decision that pushes all of Sonny’s buttons. Can these friends ever get things back on track?

Chase is there to offer words of reassurance when they’re needed.

Ruh-roh, someone is on John’s radar. But what’s got him so suspicious? (And can we please go back to calling him Jagger?)

And join us as we look back on how soaps have handled the deaths of their beloved actors in our photo gallery below.

— Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta

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