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Galaxy S22 owners in the US are finally receiving Samsung’s One UI 6 update


Galaxy S22 owners in the US are finally receiving Samsung’s One UI 6 update


  • One UI 6 update is now available for US Galaxy S22 owners, but its availability may depend on factors such as carrier and device status.
  • The update brings benefits like refined emojis, improved quick settings, and a new camera widget, enhancing the overall UI experience.
  • Despite the rollout being slow and dependent on region, those who have downloaded the update are satisfied to finally have it on their devices.

While Samsung generally stays on top of updates for One UI, this doesn’t mean that they roll out at the same time for all device owners. In some cases, updates are launched according to region, and that is what recently happened with One UI 6. Although some Galaxy S22 owners were able to download a One UI 6 update as of last week, it has been noticeably missing for US device owners — until now.

As noted by @theonecid on X (formerly Twitter), the latest One UI 6 update has started rolling out on the S22 Ultra for device owners in the US. However, some have noted that it seems to be dependent on factors, such as carrier and locked/unlocked device status. The One UI 6 update began appearing on S22 phones in Europe and the UK around mid-November. Samsung notably ended its One UI 6 beta program for the S22 shortly beforehand, releasing the final version to beta testers in a limited capacity. It didn’t take long for the Android 14 update to go live, but it seemed to be a slow rollout — and dependent on region.

The Galaxy S22 saw four One UI 6 beta versions before the final version was made available. In contrast, the Galaxy S23 received 9 One UI 6 beta builds prior to the stable version going live. The full launch will likely take time, and there is bound to be user frustration along the way. That being said, those who have been able to download it seem to be happy to finally have it on their devices.

Some of the One UI 6 benefits being touted by S23 owners include the refinement of emojis, tweaking of quick settings, and a new camera widget. There is also less spam within Samsung’s weather app, which previously deterred device owners from using it. One UI 6 also brings more Chromecast support in the form of screen sharing — Samsung has seemingly worked out the bugs behind the function and made it easier to access within the device.

While some of these changes may seem minor, they undoubtedly seem to improve the overall UI of Galaxy devices, and it’s the little things that count. Being able to use a Camera widget, for instance, can help you manage the app in a fleeting but special moment. Having direct access to quick settings can make it easier for you to manage your device settings in a pinch. At the end of the day, these are the changes that can add up to a better UI experience — and isn’t that what Samsung aimed to deliver?

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