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Euphoria Actor Crushes Fan Hopes For Season 3


Euphoria Actor Crushes Fan Hopes For Season 3

Sydney Sweeney

HBO is now saying they hope to have a third season of Euphoria ready by 2025, but the anonymous actor thinks that the show will simply slowly fall apart. That is a danger of delaying such a high-profile show, especially when it features in-demand actors in so many of the prominent roles, like Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi.

If progress does not pick up on Euphoria soon, it could be in a position where the contracts of the actors could expire and they would either be able to renegotiate at a higher price, or even decline to continue with the show.

The anonymous actor did make it clear that they are not wishing failure upon Euphoria and their frustration is only because they do want to continue working on the show. “Because I’m an actor I will always be excited about any acting work so yes I am looking forward to returning,” they said. “I just don’t think it will happen.”

Source: The Daily Beast

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