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Employees refute dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook’s clarification of his abuse of power


Employees refute dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook’s clarification of his abuse of power

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The battle over the truth is intensifying as all employees refute dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook’s clarification of the controversy over abuse of power or “gapjil.”

On May 24, Kang refuted claims that he abused his power and violated human rights through his Youtube channel, including verbal abuse toward employees, inappropriate surveillance through CCTV, and snooping on private chatrooms.

According to a The JoongAng report on May 26, Kang’s former employees had prepared a presentation (PPT) document to refute Kang and his wife’s 55-minute clarification video.

Employees state, “The CCTV cameras are placed in regular offices where there are no dogs. There are 9 cameras in the Jamwon-dong office to monitor employees, while the single camera at the gate to monitor outsiders entering the building is a fake one.”

Also, witnesses have come forward about Kang’s verbal abuses, with one incident where Kang verbally abused a trainer for over 20 minutes, saying, “You don’t deserve to be breathing,” and others saying they have recordings of such instances.

Regarding Kang’s admission that he snooped on the employees’ private chatroom because they insulted his son, the employees have retorted that “it was not the employees who used misandrist terms like “Hannam (literally translates to ‘Korean man’)” first, but that Kang provoked them by often saying misogynist things like “Women should give birth to a lot of children.” They add, “Even though I hate CEO Kang, I’ve never hated his son. I even had a picture of his son at my desk.”

In addition, they state that “the clarification video was not an explanation, but to provoke a witch hunt against the employees who raised the issue. It was my fault for wanting him to apologize even now.”

Meanwhile, former employees of Kang’s company are said to have contacted lawyer Park Hoon, who claimed to provide free legal representation, and ‘Lawyers for a Democratic Society (Minbyun)’, a social organization of progressive lawyers, and are preparing legal action, including filing criminal charges. 

The controversy over Kang Hyung Wook’s Gapjil does not appear to be blowing over any time soon.

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