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El Salvador Sticks to Bitcoin Strategy Amid Volatile Market


El Salvador Sticks to Bitcoin Strategy Amid Volatile Market

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In a context of turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, El Salvador maintains the course of its daily Bitcoin acquisition policy. This bold decision raises questions about the long-term viability of the Central American country’s crypto strategy.

El Salvador and Bitcoin

An Unwavering Determination

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele remains steadfast in his crypto vision, despite the recent fluctuations in Bitcoin. Since March 2024, the country has been pursuing its goal of buying one Bitcoin per day, regardless of market conditions.

This constant accumulation strategy, irrespective of market fluctuations, reflects a long-term perspective on Bitcoin’s potential.

El Salvador currently holds approximately 5,700 BTC. To secure this substantial investment, Bukele has transferred the funds to a “cold wallet,” an offline wallet deemed more secure. This strategic decision aims to protect national assets against hacking risks.

The Vision of a Bitcoin Economy

Beyond simple acquisitions, El Salvador harbors broader ambitions to integrate Bitcoin into its economy. The project to create a Bitcoin bank, mentioned by Bukele in June, illustrates this desire. This institution would facilitate transfers between Bitcoin and the US dollar, potentially opening new opportunities for investors and citizens.

Max Keiser, the president’s Bitcoin advisor, actively supports this initiative. He anticipates positive economic impacts, including a rise in GDP and an improvement in the country’s credit rating within the next two years.

These optimistic projections, however, contrast with warnings from some economists about the risks of such dependence on a volatile currency.

In short, El Salvador’s bet on Bitcoin remains bold in an uncertain market. While other nations, like Argentina, are showing interest in cryptos, the world is closely watching this unique economic experiment. Time will tell whether this strategy will make El Salvador a visionary pioneer or expose it to major financial risks.

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