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Dean McDermott Claps Back at Trolls After Tori Spelling Supports Relationship


Dean McDermott Claps Back at Trolls After Tori Spelling Supports Relationship

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Dean McDermott

Claps Back at Troll

… After Tori Spelling Supports New Relationship

Dean McDermott‘s firing off at trolls shocked at Tori Spelling‘s acceptance of his new girlfriend … this despite seemingly obvious tension between the exes.

The actor jumped into the replies of a post featuring his new girlfriend, Lily Calo, to defend himself and his estranged wife after several fans said they couldn’t believe Tori liked the post … essentially showing her support.

In response to one comment which seemed to really upset him, Dean wrote, “It’s because she is a highly evolved and compassionate loving person, which is a lot more [than] I can say for the trolls commenting on this post.”

A serious burn on the commenter … followed by McDermott’s view some people just work better together when they’re not married — and, adding TS has her own boyfriend too, so they’re both moving on.

It’s a pretty fiery roast from the father-of-five … and, it lifts the lid on a relationship that’s been hella strained recently.

Remember … the two announced the end of their marriage last summer — and Tori and their kids were bouncing between motel rooms and family friends’ homes because she didn’t seem to want to be near Dean.

BTW … Tori’s dropped other sweet comments too like one where she says she loves Dean and Lily. Talk about a 180!


Of course, Tori filed for divorce from Dean officially at the end of last month … and, broke the news to him live on her podcast days later. There seemed like a lot of tension between the two at the time — but, now it sounds like they’ve moved on.

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Pretty big change for the former couple … we’ll have to wait and see if Tori addresses it on her podcast.

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