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Cop’s house targeted in Breda explosion

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Cop’s house targeted in Breda explosion

An explosive went off in front of a home on Passendalestraat in Breda on Sunday night. No one got hurt, but the home was damaged, the police said. A police officer lives in the house in question, locals told Omroep Brabant.

The explosion happened at around 10:00 p.m. The explosive – heavy fireworks – damaged a widow and a roller shutter, the police said.

According to Omroep Brabant, CCTV footage from the area shows a scooter slowly driving past the home before the explosion. A minute later, two men walk up to the home. The first put something down, and the second lit something. There’s a lot of smoke, followed by an explosion.

Earlier this month, a man also entered the garden of the home, the broadcaster saw on CCTV footage from September 7. Two walked up to the house. One helped the other get over the wall. The second person did something in the garden, but nothing else happened.

The police wouldn’t comment to Omroep Brabant on the first incident and wouldn’t say anything about who lives in the home on Passendalestraat.

Locals told the broadcaster that a group of about seven teenagers, aged 15 to 18, have been causing problems in the neighborhood for a few weeks. They mentioned fires set in containers, a vandalized bicycle, and a scooter burning down in front of the home targeted on Sunday.

It is unclear whether the incidents are related or whether the perpetrators targeted the Passendalestraat home because a police officer lives there. The police are investigating.

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