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Cheyenne Floyd Responds to “Teen Mom Family Reunion” Fans’ Claims That She “Bullied” Mackenzie McKee: “I Was Still in a Really Angry Place”

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Cheyenne Floyd Responds to “Teen Mom Family Reunion” Fans’ Claims That She “Bullied” Mackenzie McKee: “I Was Still in a Really Angry Place”

mackenzie mckee cheyenne floyd
“It’s giving Regina George, but OK, Cheyenne.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion�viewers (all dozen or so of them) had a lot to say about Cheyenne Floyd‘s treatment toward Mackenzie McKee during the last two episodes of the MTV show and, on Wednesday, Cheyenne hopped on Instagram to address whether or not it was the show’s editing that made her seem like a “bully” and a “mean girl” to Mackenzie.

Cheyenne stated that she didn’t feel like the show’s editing made her look angry, and that she was, indeed, mad when Mackenzie showed up to the cast’s house in Colombia.

“It is a TV show, and I think editing and the music and, like, the back-and-forth panning of the cameras all play a part in the perception of how things happened. But, at the end of the day, looking at it, and seeing my personal reactions, I would say I wasn’t necessarily nice [to Mackenzie],” she said.

“I think I was still in a really angry place,” she continued. “As much as I wanted to think in my head that I was mature and over it, I don’t think I was. I think seeing her that night– the first night— and the energy she had towards me, just automatically made me shut down again.

“I don’t think the show portrayed it any different than it happened.”

khessi teen mom
“Someone tell me why all these thirtysomethings who are getting paid to vacation are mad at each other!”

As fans of the long-in-the-tooth show know, Mackenzie and Cheyenne had a very public fallout in 2021, after Mackenzie (who was, at the time, appearing with Chey on Teen Mom OG) shared on her private Facebook page that she disapproved on the newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris. She called the VP a “colored woman,” and was seemingly unaware that she used a racially offensive term.

mack colored

Mackenzie apologized publicly, and called Cheyenne to apologize as well, but said additional things in that conversation that offended Cheyenne. That led Cheyenne to tweet about “ignorance,” low-key shading Mack. On a previous episode of ‘Family Reunion,’ Cheyenne claimed that her fight with Mackenzie caused fans to harass her and her family at home and at their jobs. (You can read all about it here.)

Anyway, on Wednesday, Cheyenne admitted that the show’s editors did add in a few things to make the tension feel even heavier than it was between her and Mack.

“I do think that the daunting music, and then the panning of, like, going from her face to my face [made it look worse],” she said. “…My face, it tells everything. I don’t have to say how I feel, my face will tell you.

“I definitely think you have to watch the season to see how it all plays out…we definitely went a little while without speaking. We definitely talked,” she said.

Viewers watched one of those conversations go down during Wednesday’s episode. Mackenzie attempted to have a one-on-one talk with Cheyenne about what went down, only to be met with some very chilly vibes— and words— from a sunbathing Cheyenne.

mackenzie cheyenne feud
“Pipe down, Peasant!”

During the scene, Mackenzie seems to be taking accountability for what happened, but Cheyenne brushes her off. Cheyenne then tells some of the other cast members that she thinks Mackenzie is lying about certain things.

On Instagram on Wednesday, Cheyenne admitted that she and Mack both struggled when Mackenzie first arrived at the house, and stated that she played off the vibes that Mackenzie brought into the house toward her.

“As far as answering if we’re good now, I think you just have to watch it to see how it plays out. It wasn’t easy for either one of us,” she said.�

cheyenne floyd
“Please watch! Lord knows we need the ratings!”

Mackenzie also addressed the situation during an Instagram Q&A posted after the episode aired. She was asked how she felt when she walked into the house and started filming again for the first time in years.

“It was one of those moments where I felt like, because of my mistake, there was no right way,” Mackenzie wrote. “If I walked right in and hugged everyone, that may come off like I feel like I did nothing wrong and wanted to sweep it under the rug. Or what if people didn’t want me hugging them, that’s crossing body boundaries.

“Watching it, I do wish I was more of my bubbly self,” she continued. “But it was evident that they were not too excited I was there.”

Some fans, however, struck out at Cheyenne on Twitter for being a “mean girl” to Mackenzie when she was trying to apologize.
“So Cheyenne should never forgive MacKenzie? Never is a little drastic,” one person wrote. “Move on. Cheyenne isn’t the friendliest of the group either.”

“Cheyenne is being so rude to Mackenzie. Mackenzie is trying to be mature and apologize but of course Cheyenne has to be a bitch. Cheyenne needs to go,” someone else wrote.

Cheyenne is starting to become a lease favorite of the show for me. Stop being a mean girl and do what you went there to do…work on YOUR relationship! She just wanted the satisfaction of Mackenzie coming to her,” another tweeted.

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ airs Wednesdays on MTV. You can catch up on The Ashley’s recaps here!

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