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Buzz: Pending Bills – Shooting Stopped



Buzz: Pending Bills – Shooting Stopped

This is about a movie studio and a popular film banner. The heads of these two entities have a good friendship.

However, business is business. The studio officials halted the shooting of the film for one day. The reason is that the studio has many pending bills to be paid by the film company.

There is a lot of negative talk about this company in Tollywood. There are rumors that bills are not being cleared, even small bills are pending, and checks are bouncing.

In fact, the company has significant investment funds, according to reports. But there is also discussion about why payments are not being made quickly.


All in all, the film company has many uncleared bills to the studio. It seems the studio wanted to give a warning. That’s why the shooting of the film was stopped by the studio for one day.

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