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Brazilian Woman Kills Husband by Setting him on Fire, Video Shows


Brazilian Woman Kills Husband by Setting him on Fire, Video Shows

Fiery Death Video

Brazilian Woman Sets Husband Ablaze …

Runs Around Like Human Torch

A woman in Brazil took domestic violence to a whole new level … showering her husband in a flammable liquid before setting him on fire — and ultimately killing him.

The shocking incident was recorded on surveillance video at a store in Rio de Janeiro last Monday … showing every moment of the horror as it unfolded.

Check it out … Ana Maria Paixao walks into the stock room holding a bottle of fluid as she approaches her husband, Andre Chapeta, sitting at a table.

She first douses Chapeta with the liquid and then uses a lighter to set him ablaze, causing him to jump up from the table and dash out of the room.

Chapeta makes his way out to the street, where he runs around like a human torch before he collapses to the ground.

He was eventually brought to a local hospital, where he died Friday after being treated for severe burns over 92 percent of his body.

On Thursday, Paixao was taken into police custody, but she was later released on a technicality after a judge failed to sign the arrest warrant.

G1, a Brazilian news outlet, reported that Paixao appeared to be motivated by “jealousy.”

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