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Bitcoin at Your Fingertips: ATMs Are Multiplying Fast


Bitcoin at Your Fingertips: ATMs Are Multiplying Fast

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The slow but steady march towards the democratization of cryptocurrencies continues with the installation of Bitcoin ATMs around the world. More and more of these revolutionary machines are emerging, making access to the queen of cryptocurrencies easier than ever. Here is an overview of current trends and future prospects.

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Explosion of Bitcoin ATM Installations

Bitcoin ATMs also contribute to democratizing access to blockchain technology. By facilitating the purchase of Bitcoin, especially during rebound periods, these dispensers help educate and familiarize a new generation with the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

According to Coin ATM Radar, the installation of Bitcoin ATMs has seen remarkable growth in recent months. In 2024, 2,564 new machines were deployed, in stark contrast to the net loss of 2,861 ATMs in 2023.

This impressive figure of 38,279 active machines is nearing the historic record of 39,541 ATMs set in December 2022.

The leaders of this revolution, such as Bitcoin Depot, Coinflip, Coin Cloud, and Athena Bitcoin, dominate the market with 7,543, 5,057, and 2,756 machines respectively.

The numbers illustrate this dynamic:

  • 82% of ATMs are located in the United States.
  • Canada follows with 7.7%.
  • Australia, which is booming, has reached 1,107 machines, an increase of 17 times in two years.
  • Europe maintains 1,584 ATMs but could soon be surpassed by Australia.
Crypto ATM Producers WorldwideCrypto ATM Producers Worldwide
List of the largest cryptocurrency ATM operators worldwide. Source: Coin ATM Radar

These Bitcoin ATMs offer a secure and quick alternative to traditional methods of buying cryptocurrencies. Gone are the long online procedures and endless verifications; with Bitcoin ATMs, everything is done in a few clicks.

The ease of use and accessibility of these machines are the keys to their growing success.

Bitcoin: The Leading Crypto in Monetary Transitions

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, remains by far the most transacted cryptocurrency via these ATMs. Other cryptos like Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin are not far behind, but they do not reach the popularity of the queen of cryptocurrencies.

This trend is observed globally, from Spain (313 machines) to Poland (279), including smaller but active countries like El Salvador (215) and Hong Kong (169).

The global impact is clear:

  • 72 of the 193 countries recognized by the United Nations have at least one cryptocurrency ATM.
  • The net monthly increases since July 2023 show growing and continuous adoption.

Each new installation of a Bitcoin ATM reinforces the presence of the queen of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives, making it increasingly familiar and accepted by the general public.

The rapid increase in Bitcoin ATM installations worldwide promises unprecedented accessibility to cryptocurrencies soon.

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Mikaia A.

La révolution blockchain et crypto est en marche ! Et le jour où les impacts se feront ressentir sur l’économie la plus vulnérable de ce Monde, contre toute espérance, je dirai que j’y étais pour quelque chose


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