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Biden Refuses to Take Cognitive Test at His Annual Physical – HotAir


Biden Refuses to Take Cognitive Test at His Annual Physical – HotAir

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Joe Biden and his administration are so certain that he is cognitively perfect that the president will decline to take a test to determine his mental capacities. 

On the one hand, I get it. All senile old men would naturally refuse to take a test certain to confirm that his brain was turning into pudding. Most of us even feel trepidation when we visit a doctor for a scary complaint that might be diagnosed as a terrible disease, even if they are curable if caught early. 

Senility is not so easily cured. 

But of course Biden is president, and there are significant questions about his mental capacity. 

Now, were the only evidence of that to be the Special Prosecutor’s report, I would reluctantly agree that Biden should blow it off. What person, facing a prosecutor who could put you in legal jeopardy if you say the wrong thing, wouldn’t have an abnormal number of brain farts. 

“I don’t recall” is a good answer for most questions in those circumstances. 

But let’s face it, 80% of Americans think Biden is slowly turning into, as Beege says, “POTATUS.” These circumstances are, let us say, unusual. If Grandpa Joe were just sunning himself every day and not contemplating the fate of the world, I doubt anybody would care much about his mental sharpness. 

There are a lot of reasons to believe that Biden has lost his marbles, but the absolute proof of this fact is that Alejandro Mayorkas denies it. In the history of mankind, not a single word that Mayorkas says in front of a camera has not been a lie. 

In Joe Biden’s and the White House’s defense, nobody would believe anything from a cognitive test performed on the president at the White House. 

After the past four years, the idea that “Trust us, we are the experts” would persuade anybody, except perhaps the harridans at The View, is laughable. 

Not that this will stop the good folks in the MSM from trying to make us think that Biden is sharp and spry, but as Biden would say, come on, man!

There is literally nothing the White House can do to change the “Narrative” on this topic because we have the evidence of our eyes and ears to reinforce our sense that Biden is in decline. No number of commentators, doctors, or pundits reassuring us will change the fundamental experience that tells us Biden has brains that resemble pudding. 

This campaign’s results will not be determined by whether people have faith in Biden to lead the country or not; nobody has that faith. 

How many people there will be who are willing to crawl over broken glass to vote against Donald Trump will determine it. That’s it.

2024 will be the Donald Trump, love him or hate him campaign. Joe Biden is a bystander, pudding brain or not. 

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