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Batman: McFarlane Toys Teases Joker Mobile



Batman: McFarlane Toys Teases Joker Mobile

McFarlane Toys has teased the arrival of the legendary Joker Mobile from the iconic Batman: The Animated Series.

The toy giant revealed on Instagram that the Clown Prince of Crime’s nefarious vehicle of choice is coming soon exclusively to Target. The Joker Mobile first appeared outside the comics in the DC Animated Universe’s inaugural show, Batman: The Animated Series, in the episode “Joker’s Wild,” displayed in the titular Joker-themed casino. The infamous vehicle subsequently appeared in BTAS‘ follow-up show, The NewBatman Adventures, in the episodes “Joker’s Millions” and “Beware the Creeper.”


First Look at Superman: Ghosts of Krypton Figure from McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys offers a sneak peek at a new figure of the Man of Steel from the four-issue series, Superman: Ghosts of Krypton.

The Joker Mobile first appeared in October 1946’s Batman#37 in a story by Jerry Robinson. In the issue, the Clown Prince of Crime created his versions of the Caped Crusader’s gadgets to compete with Batman. Included in his creations was the Joker Mobile, inspired by the Batmobile design, with some uniquely Joker-esque features. The Joker Mobile could create a path of wooden planks to pass over potholes and had machine guns fitted in the front and back of the vehicle.

Besides BTAS and TheNew Batman Adventures, the Joker Mobile has also popped up in the Batman: TheBrave and the Bold animated series and the 2016 DC Extended Universe film Suicide Squad. The live-action iteration featured a light purple custom-built Infiniti G35 with a Vaydor frame modified by Jared Leto’s Joker. Variants of the Joker Mobile have also appeared in several video games, including Batman: Arkham Knight, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and Batman: The Enemy Within.


McFarlane Toys Creates Fallout Collectibles in New Collaboration

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McFarlane Toys Unveiled The New Batman Adventures Figurines

McFarlane Toys recently introduced a new line based on The New Batman Adventures series. The line-up includes Batgirl, who comes in both her original costume color on the show and in one that homages the purple-colored suit she wore in the classic I966 Batman TV show, which inspired 1977’s The Adventures of Batman. Also available is Killer Croc, with a Baby Doll figure included. Fans can also get Batman and Two-face figures, which spot their design from the beloved series.

The McFarlane Toys 6″ scale figures, designed with articulation for posing and play, all come with a figure base. Batgirl has eight extra hands, two batarangs, and a grappling hook. Killer Croc and Baby Doll come with two extra hands, a turkey, and a bottle. Batman has seven extra hands, a batarang, and a grapnel launcher. Harvey “Two-Face” Dent has four extra hands, a gas mask, a stopwatch, and a loot bag.

McFarlane Toys’ Joker Mobile will be exclusively available at Target, with an arrival date yet to be announced.

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