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Avestruz case to be treated again in May 2024


Avestruz case to be treated again in May 2024

This afternoon began with the appeal of the Avestruz case verdicts. The defendants who appealed their sentences are: Maria Leoncita Arends, Edgar Werleman, Oslin Benny Sevinger, Pieter Susebeek, Carlo Mansur, Ninosca Nuñez, Curt Harms. The case was a pro forma in which the lawyers could request for any investigation they wished.

No accused were present

This afternoon, none of the suspects showed up. Only the lawyers appeared and some of the lawyers requested an investigation.


Mr. Illes and mr. Kock of Sevinger asked the Court to hear four witnesses Every, Hans Sjiem Fat, Isabel Dammers, Richard Bargues, Albert Fawler and Lionel Harms. Mr. Illes told the court that Bargues and Fawler are friends of Susebeek who know more about the sale of the gym to Sevinger. The lawyer said that at no time was it a gift to Sevinger. The lawyer said that Lionel Harms approached Susebeek to buy the land. This may explain why Susebeek cannot be suspected for money laundering. He went on to say that Mr. Sjiem Fat and Dammers were in charge of negotiations on the project Sevinger is involved in. Mr. Every could tell about the tickets that Benny Sevinger used to travel. According to mr. Illes, Every, who is the president of Stichting Curazon Berde, could tell more about the places that Sevinger put in the foundation.


Mr. Carlo wants to hear Benny Sevinger as a witness. Lawyer mr. Carlo said he wanted to ask Sevinger more questions about the government project that Harms helped with. He also wants to hear Lionel Harms explain why he made the donations to Sevinger.


Mr. Oomen asked to hear notary Johnson. He said the prosecutor had already objected in the First Instance. The lawyer said he wants to prove that Nuñez and Werleman did not lie to the government. He said Johnson was involved in the projects that were sold. Land was transferred. The attorney told the court that notary Johnson had been known for many years to make land transfers. He can give a comprehensive explanation. The lawyer said he did not believe Johnson should be allowed to use professional secrecy.

The case of AVESTRUZ in May 2024

The court of appeal thought for a while and then came back. It was decided that next week Diaranzon 20 September at 2 p.m. via video conference will hear the reaction of the Fiscal and the reaction of the lawyers on the petitions. The court will then decide on the petitions.

The Court proposed May 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 2024 for the treatment of the case.

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