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Amsterdam closes comment section on X over rampant hate speech


Amsterdam closes comment section on X over rampant hate speech

The city of Amsterdam has made it impossible to comment on its posts on X. The municipality will also no longer respond on the platform “due to the large amount of hate speech,” the city said on Wednesday.

“We will continue to post information on X,” the city said in a post on the platform. “You can still respond and make reports via the telephone, website, and our other social media channels.”

“The decision was made because we receive numerous hateful comments under our posts,” a spokesperson for the municipality of Amsterdam told AD. “Hate has increased significantly since the coronavirus period and increased again after Elon Musk took over Twitter.”

Amsterdam joins a growing list of organizations and people who stop or reduce their use of X. Earlier this year, the Amsterdam public transport company GVB and broadcaster KRO-NRCV stopped communicating via X, both citing the non-stop flow of hate speech and racism on the platform.

Former State Secretary of Digitalization Alexandra van Huffelen also quit the platform early this year. “Since the takeover, there is an increasing idea that it is a platform where everything should be possible,” she said at the time. “If a platform really does not want to comply with our rules, then it is time for me to say goodbye.”

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