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Amanda Seyfried Got Her Oscar Nomination At A ‘Really Stressful’ Time


Amanda Seyfried Got Her Oscar Nomination At A ‘Really Stressful’ Time

Amanda Seyfried celebrated her first Oscar nomination by concealing a “tough case of COVID,” the actor said on Wednesday’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” (Watch the video above.)

In March, Seyfried got a Best Supporting Actress nod for playing real-life starlet Marion Davies in “Mank” and wanted to focus on her career achievement, not her sickness.

But she was sleeping in and feeling “so ill” while having to deal with commitments after the announcement.

“It was really hard not to talk about it, you know, because in the press you have to do all these interviews the next day,” she said.

Seyfried, who was vaccinated just two days before she got her diagnosis, playfully reenacted her raspy voice while she was sick and answering reporters’ questions about the nomination. She said she did not mention she had COVID-19 to avoid becoming clickbait.

Keeping it together was even more challenging because she was worried about her mother, husband and two small children sharing the same house with her. The “Mean Girls” star called it “one of the worst moments of my life.” “It was really stressful,” she said.

“Then all of a sudden this amazing, career-changing thing happens and, boy, life is weird,” she continued. “Makes you really embrace the positive … not the COVID-positive.”

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