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After a successful season 1, Solo Leveling season 2 gets an official release date

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After a successful season 1, Solo Leveling season 2 gets an official release date

The Solo leveling season 2 release date is officially out.

Solo Leveling is an anime adaptation of the popular novel turned manwha, brought to life by A-1 Pictures. The anime aired from January 2024 to March 2024, consisting of 12 episodes.

The anime is set in a world where mysterious gates connect dimensions between the human world and monstrous landscapes.

Hunters, humans naturally born with superhuman abilities, venture forth to combat monsters and gather valuable resources.

Jin Woo featured in Solo Leveling novel: Where to read online, number of volumes, where to buy, an article by ONE Esports
Credit: D and C Media, ONE Esports

The story follows Sung Jinwoo, an E-Rank hunter striving to support his family. After a life-altering encounter, Jinwoo becomes a Player, gaining access to quests and the ability to enhance his abilities through leveling up.

The story continues in Solo Leveling season 2

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Solo Leveling season 1.

Season one of the anime revolves around the transformation of the weakest E-Rank hunter, Sung Jin-Woo, as he takes on his second chance in life after failing a mission involving a double dungeon.

With the help of his newfound power dubbed “The System”, he becomes a Player, gaining access to quests and the ability to level up.

All Solo Leveling episodes and where to watch them
Credit: A-1 Pictures

As he grows stronger and gains experience points (XP), leveling up improves his combat ability — and unintentionally, his physique and appearance as well. He’s now able to stand a chance against adversaries he could not overcome before when he was stuck in E-Rank.

Sung Jinwoo finally transformed into the Shadow Monarch in Episode 12. As such, it’s expected that episode 13, the first in season two, will kick off the Red Gate Arc.

Solo Leveling season 2 release date

Solo Leveling episode 12 “Arise” left us hanging as Jinwoo’s pivotal transformation at Jeju Island, which makes it a good build up for the upcoming season.�

5 anime like Solo Leveling ONE Esports featured image
Credit: A-1 Pictures, ONE Esports

On March 30, 2024, Crunchyroll confirmed that Solo Leveling season 2 is set to release in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Solo Leveling Season 2 is expected to add an additional 13 episodes, forming the latter half of the promised 25 episodes.

While it’s technically considered the “second half” of the first season in Japan, Crunchyroll simplified it by designating it as Season 2.

With only 45 out of 200 chapters covered, Solo Leveling season 2 has the potential for further exploration and adaptation.

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