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Do You Want To Reach Thousands Of Users Each Month? We Can Help You With That!
With visitors from all over the world and locally makes Notisia 365  very attractive option for your company to present itself or its products.

There are different sizes of banners. Please choose which one you would like and we will reserve it for you. Whether it’s per day, per week, per month or the full year, we are ready to cater to your needs.

Different sizes all over our Website
From 300×250 pixels to 728×90. We actually have a few  possibilities where you can place your Ad Campaign with us.

Specifications for the delivery of advertising material
Your ad material can be mailed to . If you do not have a banner, we can make one for you.

Files can be .png, .jpg, or .swf.
The files must be accompanied by the URL of the landing page.
The swf file must contain a click tag and the URL of the landing page. Note that clicking the tag opens a new window. You also need to send a file as a backup, it gets the same URL for the landing page.

For prices, size, contracts and more information please contact us at or (599-9) 513-1280 / (599-9)678-9174

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