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AAEPO and Government of Curaçao Sign Agreement to Enhance Education Standards

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AAEPO and Government of Curaçao Sign Agreement to Enhance Education Standards

AAEPO and Government of Curaçao Sign Agreement to Enhance Education

AAEPO and Government of Curaçao Sign Agreement to Enhance Education

Sta Rosaweg Willemstad, Curaçao – In a momentous occasion, The Agency for the
Accreditation of Educational Programs and Organizations (AAEPO) and the Government of
Curaçao recently signed an agreement to establish AAEPO as the official accreditation agency
in the country. The signing ceremony took place at the St. Martinus University campus, marking
a significant step towards enhancing the education system in Curaçao to meet international

The event, held at 5:30 pm, was attended by several prominent individuals, including Minister
Silvania, Sirving Keli Inspector-General of Public Health, Dr. Murali Ginjupalli Chancellor of St.
Martinus University, and various other dignitaries and staff members.

Minister Silvania, who welcomed the delegates, expressed great pleasure in signing this
agreement with AAEPO. He emphasized the positive impact it would have on Curaçao’s
education system, stating,

“This collaboration with AAEPO will help us elevate our education
system to international standards. It is an important milestone in our pursuit of excellence.”
Sirving Keli, Inspector-General of Public Health, also commended the agreement, recognizing
its significant benefits for institutions in Curaçao and the wider Caribbean region. “Accreditation
plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and standardization of educational programs.

With AAEPO’s involvement, institutions in Curaçao will have the opportunity to obtain recognized
accreditation, enhancing their credibility and fostering excellence in education,” he stated.
Dr. Murali Ginjupalli, Chancellor of St. Martinus University, expressed his enthusiasm for the
agreement, highlighting its potential to elevate the university to international standards.

“This partnership with AAEPO will support our university’s vision of becoming a globally recognized
institution. We are fully committed to meeting the rigorous accreditation standards set by
AAEPO and contributing to the advancement of higher education in Curaçao,” he affirmed.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Drs. Javier Silvania, Minister of Health and Finance
for the Government of Curaçao, and Dr. Baktybek Ismailov, Director of AAEPO, along with Dr.
Almaz Nasyrov, Advisor to the Director of AAEPO, and Dr. Danna Soria, Vice Chancellor of St.
Martinus University. The presence of these esteemed individuals further underscored the
significance and commitment behind this collaboration.

AAEPO, known for its expertise in evaluating and accrediting educational programs and
organizations worldwide, will bring its extensive knowledge and experience to Curaçao. By
adhering to AAEPO’s accreditation standards, educational institutions in Curaçao will have the
opportunity to enhance their academic offerings, improve faculty qualifications, and provide
students with internationally recognized qualifications.

The agreement signed between AAEPO and the Government of Curaçao is expected to have a
far-reaching impact on the education landscape of the country. It will promote academic rigor,
quality assurance, and international recognition, positioning Curaçao as a hub for high-quality
education in the Caribbean.

As Curaçao continues its journey towards educational excellence, this collaboration with
AAEPO sets a promising precedent for other nations and regions to follow. By prioritizing
accreditation and international standards, Curaçao is paving the way for a brighter future, one
that is defined by educational excellence and global recognition.

The signing of this agreement marks a significant milestone for both AAEPO and Curaçao, and
it is a testament to the commitment of all involved parties to elevate the educational landscape
and ensure that the country’s institutions meet the highest international standards. With AAE
PO’s guidance and expertise, Curaçao’s education system is poised for growth, innovation, and
success in the years to come.

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