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A lot of mental problems under our young


A lot of mental problems under our young

Young people with new obstacles in their growth as people and citizens of our country. Many young people go through “new” phenomena here that are depression or anxiety. To whom and how are certain key questions to be able to get through them.

To whom you can appeal for help in this area and at what cost it will come. First let’s dismantle depression and how it can grow in us. Depression is a mental state where you feel demotivated and hopeless, a feeling that covers your gaze to see beyond certain things that you are going through in your daily day. Feelings of depression are real and can have large and life-threatening effects. An obstacle or rather such a feeling can directly affect the person or the people around her which can cause more problems in someone’s life, the feeling of being alone and without whom to talk can grow and can also end in something regrettable. How to prevent and how to stop the causes that lead a person to this area is very difficult to detect but if they are noticed they can be avoided.

Emotional stress:

Emotional stress can be one of the causes of depression and anxiety under youth. The mental stress of not being able to control certain aspects of their lives can start the foundation from where their depression could come out. Emotional stress occurs through different things, to mention a couple are schools and the number of tasks, projects given in the field of education, very young families can go through a very common problem here in Aruba which is the social economic problem where families try in different ways to survive their social and economic problems and try to balance it, this can bring a lot of stress for a child and or youth, we can see the problem of social media and the social and mental effects with which this can come the pressure of being able to be a renowned and well-known person grows where there are many young people trying to cling to every trend and topics in the area of media with which there are many negative effects, these are some of the problems that can cause emotional stress to grow in a young person or child who can then reach depression.

Mental and verbal abuse:

Many young people can go through any kind of mental or verbal abuse where they can be personally attacked through the way they dress, speak, learn, and perform which can be the beginning of a shattered mental health and public anxiety, public anxiety is the feeling that no one will accept or endure you when you leave your comfort zone. Verbal abuse can occur at home, at school, in the public and in sports. And that’s why it matters a lot to keep these areas safe from problems. By paying more attention as professionals, we must see how our young people and children act and feel in the areas they spend time and address problems immediately.


Insecurity can also have its contribution to a person’s mental and physical state. Many young people and children go through the feeling that they are fat or very skinny and where they may be victims of terms through their physique, many of them may go through a moment where they find everyone they see on social media is not to compare with them where they would like to change their way of being just to feel beautiful and accepted. Changing the way you are in order to be accepted can have different negative aspects for your health in different areas.

So we can see that depression and anxiety can start in different ways and through different things, but one thing we should know is that we are all different and we go through different things to make us stronger and more confident in our future. Contact the person closest to your case to be able to go and get the safe and fundamental help. 

There are several professionals, doctors and psychologists ready to help. Talking to a stranger can be difficult but you can have many positive aspects with him, talking is necessary, the doors of different places always remain open in order to get the necessary and appropriate help, there is always the availability to look for someone near you and put your trust in the person so that you can open about your mental state. It’s certainly hard to pass into something like that. You can’t do it alone. Seeking help either from doctors, schools or different other social channels are a fundamental need of a person in order to enhance their safety and health.

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