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11 injured when escalator malfunctions in Brewers ballpark after game


11 injured when escalator malfunctions in Brewers ballpark after game

MILWAUKEE — Eleven people were injured Saturday when an escalator malfunctioned at American Family Field in Milwaukee following the Brewers’ loss to the Chicago Cubs, a team official said.

Six people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and five others were treated at the ballpark, according to Tyler Barnes, the senior vice president of communications and affiliate operations for the Milwaukee Brewers.

The escalator’s malfunction resulted “in an increased downward speed,” Barnes said in a statement.

America Century Field
America Century Field AP

“All of a sudden we were about halfway down the slope of the escalator, and the whole thing shook and made a noise,” Greg Braggs with CHGO Sports said, according to Fox 6 . “It scared everybody on the escalator because it was startling.

“As soon as we kind of laughed-off the fear, the entire thing just broke loose and started running downhill like a roller coaster.”

Of the 11 people injured, five were treated at the ballpark and the other six were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, per Fox 6.

“I’m watching the people ahead of me getting piled on top of each other as everybody’s falling over each other,” Braggs said, adding that he did not immediately go to the hospital.

Other details were not immediately available.

Saturday’s 5-3 loss ended the Brewers’ winning streak at five games.

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